Our History

Founded in 1991 by Soke Robert A. Kristensen, TIKK teaches Isshinryu Karate – a traditional form of Okinawan karate. 

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Located Across NTX

We have over 8 locations across North Texas.

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Karate for All Ages & Abilities

We have classes for all ages, levels, and abilities. More than 25% of our students attend with a sibling, parent, or child!

Classes teach self defense and confidence, as well as to help improve focus and overall physical fitness.

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Save the Date!  The Summer Shiai is August 26, 2023


Start A New Path

Do what you have always wanted.
Challenge yourself!

Accomplish what others said can’t be done.  Do what others say you can’t.  Be the best you, you can be.


Traditional Martial Arts

A well-rounded program for well-rounded results

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We celebrated 30 years at our August 28, 2021 Shiai