Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai


Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai

Founded in 1991 by Soke Robert A. Kristensen, TIKK teaches traditional Okinawan karate.  See our HISTORY page for more information about us.

We practice Isshinryu Karate and teach for virtually all ages and abilities.  We have locations spread throughout the North Texas region.  

Karate for Kids

Ages 4 – 12

Fun and high energy classes that teach your child self defense, confidence and help improve focus. 30 min. – 60 min. classes.


Karate for Teens & Adults

Ages 13+

60 min. – 90 min. classes that focus on real world self defense, building confidence and self discipline.


 2021 Event Schedule

 Gasshuku Flyer

First payment due March 20, 2021



Traditional Martial Arts

A well-rounded program for well-rounded results

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KARATE Redefined.

Learn good study habits, discipline, loyalty, hard work, respect, integrity and personal courage.  If you are looking for a sign, this is it.